Here at Macarthur Discount Paints we not only carry the paint you need
but we also have a wide variety of accessories required to complete the

We have paint brushes and rollers in many different sizes and
application types to cover all of the modern and classic painting styles.
Extension arms and ladders may also be needed depending on the job
at hand, this is where our helpful staff will be able to guide you to the
correct items that will make your job easier.

Most importantly, preparation is the first step in the painting process, so
we have everything you need to ensure that this all important task is
met with the right tools. From sugar soap, wood putty through to
sandpaper and masking tape and much, much more.

We also carry paint spray guns, air brushes and their related brass air
fittings to suit. What ever your painting needs household or automotive
come in and see our friendly and helpful staff so that you have the
correct products for that professional finish.
Macarthur Discount Paints Pty Ltd
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